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S1-HMS is fully integrated, sophisticated system software useful to all types of health centers and medium to large size hospitals. This software manages different departments. With features of multiple log in, it offers access to log in the system to doctors and staff of varied department in hospital. It can be customized for any multispecialty hospitals.

This is user-friendly software provided with OPD/IPD modules. Each patient is given two different numbers1] unique number and 2] OPD number at OPD department at reception. Every patient detail uploaded at reception is accessible to every department, but patient detail uploaded by one department is not accessible for other departments.

Patient details will automatically transfer to laboratory, X-ray and other departments. Staff members of each department can search patient details with its number. A form will be generated with patient’s case history.

After assessment of patient, all reports are automatically sent to panel of doctors who then decide about the further treatment of patient. Software also handles smartly the IPD as per need. It manages indoor rooms for male and female along with offered speciality. Once a room of special, semi special or VVIP is allotted to a patient, it will disappear from the display about availability of rooms.

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This efficient S1-HMS also integrated ideally with medical department and details of medicines, given to patient is added to patient’s case history.

Unique number of the patient will always remain same and will reflect patient history with all the treatment and test reports, but OPD number of a patient will be changed after one year and given a new number.

Each and every treatment aspects are included in the software and any time, all of them can know the status of treatment cycle like patient history, patient diagnosis, prescription, given medicines and latest updates about patient’s health.

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It provides facility to handle a patient with optimum care. It helps make ease the treatment process multiple ways, also by multiple doctors.
  • Handles patient’s profile.
  • Manage patient’s history.
  • Advance booking of enviable place in hospital.
  • Doctor, Admin & Receptionist log in.
  • Highly secure.
  • Multi-user and LAN compatible.
  • Easy to use patient visit details (OPD/IPD) modules.
  • Small to big hospitals.
  • Doctor, Staff & Patient records management.
Demo for HMS (Hospital Management System)
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