Core Php Training

Basics of websites ( URL, www, domain name, web server, client-server communication) Concept of static and dynamic websites

Study of required tools and techniques
About server, editors, Machine configuration etc

(Tags, type of tags with example (empty tags, container tags), structure, form, table, div, span etc.)
Design of different – different type of designs structures.

Basics of JavaScript
Definition and requirement of js. Variable in js.
Event handling with js. Function in Js.
JS Function calling and operation.

Meaning of server side / Client Side scripting with example
CSS (Cascading style sheet)

Requirement of css.
Create a css file, Css class, id etc.
Css including methods. (External, Internal and inline css)

Basics of Php
Some Basic Php Functions

Conditional Statements (if, if..else & if..elseif..else etc. )

Array(Numeric, Associative array, Multidimensional array)
Looping: The while statement

Form handling and values passing through post & Get Methods.
Date handling
Include, require, include once, require once etc.
File handling
Cookie & Session handling
Php mail
Connection with database

Create, update, and select etc. basic queries.
Mysql GUI Operations(view structure, export, import, drop, empty,
PROJECT (Front End, Admin Panel, Database)

HTML Integrations
Login Page: Concept of session and cookies.
Forget Password
Edit Admin Profile
Basic Managers: (Operations Create, Edit, Delete, View)

HTML Integrations
CMS Pages (About Us, Privacy, Policy Etc.)
Another Site Pages (Base On the site requirement)
Contact Us / Feed Back
Image Gallery
Online Information Form

Create Database and tables
Select multiple results
Delete records

Introduction and general awareness of advance tool and technique.
Tools like AJAX, JQuery (with example)
Php Editors (For formatting)
Basic Idea and overview of Open Sources, Frameworks

PHP+ (This is upper of basic php)
SEO Tricks, WEBSITE TESTING (MANUAL Browser Specific)
Useful Php functions (array functions, explode, implode, strlen, strpos)
Video Uploading and Embedding and play
Image Resize and manage according to requirement
Payment Mode
Image Captcha